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  • Boy: masaya ka pa ba? Kung hindi na itigil na natin to.. Hindi na healthy eh..
  • Girl: pano mo nasasabi yan? (Naiiyak na)
  • .
  • (Natahimik)
  • .
  • Girl: Iloveyou..
  • Boy: hindi ko alam kung mahal mo nga ba ako..
  • Girl: (tuluyan ng naiyak)
  • .
  • Bakit ganun nalang ba kadali ang lahat? Pag hindi ka na masaya sa isang bagay ititigil nalang? Napaisip lang ako..


Yung ganito nga plsssssss.

Yes po plssssszzzzz


Handwritten by whitepaperquotes contributor Ritika 

"Sometimes I wonder why do people realize the important things when the situation is already too late. Why do they suddenly chase people when they knew that they have already started losing their grip on them and that person started to walk away from them because they feel worthless around you? Some people would stop in the middle of the road, run back towards you and meet you halfway then everything’s going to be okay again. But sometimes, when you know that you’re being chased, you’d still want to keep on running away from the person who’s trying to chase you because you want to assure if they really want you back in their life for good or not. But what’s worst is that, when the both of you stopped in the middle of the chase yet no one’s willing to make a move. Both are either on the verge of continuing what was left behind before or letting you go for good."

Vega. (via vaguelyinked)


 i wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things 

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